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"I hate to exercise"...

"I hate to exercise" .... a phrase I've heard time and again from clients who come to me for help in feeling physically better or to learn how to move properly again. There is no one-size-fits-all in exercise. The key to moving/exercise is to find some sort of movement that you at least LIKE to do. If someone told me that the only way to "get in shape" is to swim for 30 minutes a day, then I would throw my hands up and say "Oh well. I guess I'll never be in shape" (whatever that even means), because I struggle with swimming -- I'm a sinker. There are so many ways to move your body and be in touch with what moving feels like physically and emotionally. I try to expose my clients to a variety of exercise and physical activity - until we find something that works - and we always find something. Some of my clients have taken on a power walking program, others try yoga for the first time and get hooked. There is so much out there..... things many people don't even know about. Even some of the gimmicky things can be adapted to something effective (remember the "Thigh Master"?). If you hate to exercise, get out there and expose yourself to a variety of things until you find something that you love - or at least like. Maybe it's a sport, maybe it's a class, maybe you get together with friends and go for nature walks. If that doesn't work, make an exercise you tolerate and make it more fun. Don't like the treadmill (me, me!)? Do it while listening to a podcast or watch a movie while walking on it. There are many ways to make moving more fun. Find your way - something is out there!

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