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A 12-week program that includes nutritional counseling, personal training, and clinical psychology. Each week we work with participants to enhance different areas of the mind such as mood, focus, energy, and pleasure, while working on improving activity level, nutritional choices, and emotional processing. 


This class is dedicated for seniors seeking to improve physical and mental health. Promotes improvement in fitness, nutrition, and psychological wellbeing in older adults.


For kids and adults, this program offers healing through the Arts. From a dance/emotional processing class, intuitive art class, to classical guitar lessons, you can choose your favorite way to nourish your mind and soul through artistic expression.


This eight session group has a foundation in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and is for individuals struggling to manage chronic pain symptoms. CBT is an evidence based, time-limited therapeutic approach that has been successfully applied to the management of chronic pain, either delivered alone or as a component of interdisciplinary pain management programs. This particular eight week program is not meant to be a lone treatment or to cure symptoms of chronic pain. The group was designed to improve quality of life and overall functioning for a variety of chronic pain conditions. Participants will be provided the tools and opportunity to develop the skills and problem-solving approaches to cope with the multitude of physical and mental health challenges associated with chronic pain.

People who would benefit from this group are those who have had pain lasting greater than three months that has decreased your quality of life. We would like to help you gain new skills to manage the pain and decrease it's impact on your life.


Self-Care is not Selfish Outdoor Class:  1 hour class includes 20 mins of body/mind relaxation, 20 minutes of education on healthy eating and stress management, and 20 minutes of soul-searching exercises in group format. 

We will use elements of nature to find inspiration and the expansive feeling that kills loneliness, explore the island, and make friends.  Come join us as we explore our beautiful island and make new friends along the way. We created a Facebook group for those interested. Request admission and learned more!


This program would follow mothers from pregnancy to postpartum providing nutritional counseling, mental health screening and support, personal training, breathing and relaxation training, pelvic health prepartum and postpartum, and maternal and infant massage. 

We will support mothers by addressing physical, emotional, and educational/learning aspects of their journey to becoming a parent. 

We will work in conjunction with your doula or OBGYN.


In this program MAPS partners with different instructors in our community to teach empathy, confidence, and leadership to children of all ages. 

If you never saw a Psychologist working with a dance instructor, art teacher, surfing instructor, and soccer coach come check us out! Starts Summer of 2021.


The intensive outpatient program contains 36 sessions over the course of 12 weeks (three sessions per week). A maximum of six members will be scheduled for each group section. This group is for individuals who have been diagnosed with substance use disorders and those whose substance use has led to legal issues or other problems in their personal and/or professional lives. The treatment methods used in this group are based on the transtheoretical model of behavior change which applies multiple approaches to help group members achieve their participation goals. This is generally a closed group so the participants you begin with will be the same members you end with.


This is a fitness class for beginners, designed for those who are seeking to be more active for the first time. You will learn form, posture, and breathing while you move, and learn strategies to develop a unique fitness plan from a mind/body perspective. 

Class will be taught by a personal trainer with a background in behavior modification.


This program integrates evidence-based interventions that enhance cancer treatment by improving immune response and the body’s overall healing power. 

It involves, mental health services, nutritional counseling, and massage therapy.


With a focus on mental health, the purpose of this program is to help individuals struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder discover and foster all things that heal the mind and the body. 

Options include Psychology, Nutritional Counseling, Personal Training, Medication Management, and Acupuncture. 


This is an open group which means that new members may join at different times. This group meets on a weekly basis. However, no more than eight participants will be scheduled for each group. This is an integrative process group. Multiple therapeutic methodologies will be applied depending on group member needs. There will also be an educational component to each group session. Coping skill enhancement will be a primary focus of this group. Completing the intensive outpatient group is not required to join this group; however, it will build up on skills and topics that were presented in that group. Prior to attending your first group session an individual session with the group's therapist will take place to review foundational skills and additional topics that will help prepare you for group participation. This group meets on a weekly basis; however, weekly attendance is not required. If absent for more than one month re-enrollment will be necessary.

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